Huevos Soy-Cheros

By Cooking Light

Link to Huevos Soy-Cheros recipe.

GV comments: My friend Mitzi found this recipe in Cooking Light magazine. Incredibly good! I particularly like how the tofu and pepper mixture is scooped onto the plates separately from the bean and soy-chorizo mixture, much better than mixing everything together. Layering those two mixtures, the tortillas, and then the avocado creates a feast for the eyes before it becomes a feast for the stomach. The blurb on the Cooking Light website says that this version saves 20 grams of saturated fat over a typical Huevos Rancheros serving. Wow! Hard to believe given how delicious and satisfying this is. 

Timing: around 45 minutes, including prep

Nutrition: Lots of whole foods here; a couple teaspoons oil, and some oil and possibly other processed food in the soy chorizo

Gluten-free (but check the soy chorizo label)

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