Zucchini Bruschetta

By Martha Stewart

Link to Zucchini Bruschetta recipe. 

GV comments: This is a great addition to a bruschetta platter. Alternate these with my Chris's Jersey Tomato Bruschetta, and the compliments will come raining down! I use vegan butter instead of dairy butter, and I cut the amount in half. Otherwise I love that this is easy and so tasty. To create the toasts, I like to brush the baguette slices with oil and then fry them on a griddle or in a skillet. They come out better than toasting, in my opinion.

Timing: Around 30 minutes, including zucchini standing time.

Nutrition: the zucchini are whole-food, but the butter and refined flour are not. If you use a whole-grain baguette and eliminate the butter (a hit to the taste, unfortunately), these would be whole-food, unprocessed.

Gluten-free, if made with a gluten-free bread

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