Peanut Dressing

By Bon Appetit

Link to Peanut Dressing recipe.

GV comments: I found this when preparing to lead a demonstration on oil-free vegan dressings. Peanut butter is a natural for oil-free dressings, because peanuts are naturally rich in "good fats," and, when blended with water and other ingredients, peanut butter creates a dressing with a superb texture. This recipe is a bit on the bland side, so I recommend adding cilantro, sriracha sauce, and/or chili paste. It tastes great with a cabbage-heavy salad, because the sweetness of the dressing complements the slight sourness of the cabbage. And it's very fast to make.

Timing:  5-10 minutes

Nutrition: Whole-food unprocessed except for the tablespoon of sugar



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