Sanctuary Dip

By Isa Chandra [Moskowitz]

Link to Sanctuary Dip recipe

GV comments: In quest of good vegan dips, I found this one, and because it was from Isa Moskowitz, I tried it. Little did I know that this recipe would fulfill my quest for the holy grail -- an oil-free vegan ranch dressing that sacrifices none of the flavor or texture of mayonnaise-based dressing. Wouldn't you know it that she combined tofu and raw cashews? The first time I made this, it came out runny, and my guests and I had to put a hand under our carrot and celery sticks to keep the drips from hitting the carpet. It took that first evening to realize that I didn't have an annoyingly drippy dip on my hands: I had a perfect ranch salad dressing! Woo hoo! It's very important to blend this for at least a minute and a half (that's what it takes with my Kitchen Aid blender). It may take less with a Vitamix or more with other blenders. The cashews really need to get the dissolved state so that the dressing is perfectly smooth (except for the dried dill, which is added at the end). 

Timing: once the cashews have soaked for 2 hours, it only takes 10-15 minutes.

Nutrition: only a teaspoon of agave nectar keeps this from being 100% whole-food unprocessed; so much better than oil-based dressings


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