Tex-Mex-Style Soft and Chewy Flour Tortillas

Tex-Mex-Style Soft and Chewy Flour Tortillas.jpg

GV comments: Not long ago I was an hour away from dinner and realized I'd forgotten to buy flour tortillas for my Gracious Vegan Vegetable Fajitas. Instead of making a round trip to the store, I decided to try out a recipe for homemade flour tortillas, which always taste better anyway. My internet search quickly surfaced a recipe from Serious Eats that sounded exactly what I was looking for--soft and chewy. I was amazed at how easy the recipe was. There's much more time letting the balls sit than there is hands-on time. Next time I'm going to try using half whole wheat pastry flour. Of course I used vegetable shortening (I use Spectrum brand) instead of lard. These are worth the small effort, and your friends and family will be impressed!

Timing: About 45 minutes, including the time the balls have to sit

Nutrition: If you use half whole wheat flour it will help. Otherwise it is mostly processed foods (flour and shortening).

I have not tried this with gluten-free flour.

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