Vegetarian Thai Peanut Soup

By Soup Addict

Link to Vegetarian Thai Peanut Soup.

GV comments:  This is a super-delicious soup--it was a surprise to me how good it was when I first tried it. The flavors truly blend into an entirely unique, fantastic taste. If you like Thai food, I think you will love this soup, and the noodles make it filling. The recipe calls for three packets of ramen noodles. I used just two my first time, and I now use only one, partly because there are only two of us, so there are always leftovers. If you don't serve the soup immediately, the noodles keep expanding--not a bad thing, but too much is too much. 

Timing: 45-60 minutes (including chopping and dicing)

Nutrition: Mostly whole-food

Gluten-free if you find gluten-free ramen noodles

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