Tofu, Veggie and Sesame Vegan Fried Rice

By Elyse on 

Link to Tofu, Veggie and Sesame Vegan Fried Rice

GV comments:  The flavor combination offered by this recipe is way beyond what you might think from reading the list of ingredients. I think the toasted sesame seeds that you sprinkle on at the end are the key to lifting the dish up to way above average. My husband is suspicious of tofu, so sometimes I leave it out. When I do use it, I prefer to bake or broil it, because it uses less oil that way and you can marinate it with flavorful ingredients as well (like miso and soy sauce). I originally found this on the Huff Post Taste website--what a great find.

Timing: 30-60 minutes

Nutrition: Mostly whole-food




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