intro to the Site

I love healthy food that doesn’t contain meat, eggs, or dairy. But it has to be delicious—not bland or gloppy or filled with cubes of a strange ingredient. When I go out to eat, I want to find something that will fill me up in a delicious way. I’ve met a lot of people who want to cut down on meat, especially as more evidence comes out linking animal products to chronic diseases. But it’s hard to get started. What if all your current go-to recipes involve meat, eggs, dairy, or all three? How do you overhaul everything you know about cooking? Well, the first answer to that question is “Gradually.” The second answer is by finding someone experienced and on your wavelength who can recommend good recipes. I hope to become that trusted “someone” who can be counted on for reliable recommendations.

I also know that busy people need information on restaurants, because it’s difficult to produce a home-cooked dinner seven nights a week. I’ve dived into the menus and information from the most common chain restaurants to find out what’s plant-based and what’s not. I’ve rated the restaurants and listed the offerings to help you make choices when you need to eat out or get take-out. There are huge differences in what these places offer. I’ll continue to research and rate more and more restaurants as time goes on.

I hope you'll find the site helpful. Please write comments, write me emails, help me make it better, and, most importantly, start and continue your journey toward meat-, egg-, and dairy-free eating.