I Love Corn!

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Corn is one of the best-loved vegetables in the U.S. (according to this recent survey, it is the country's second favorite vegetable, behind broccoli). But how to lead with corn in plant-based main dishes and sides is not obvious. I am sharing five recipes here to fill that gap. These are crowd-pleasers, I guarantee. 

Plus, these recipes are 99% whole-food plant-based, meaning no added fats and sweeteners. All are under 300 calories per serving, too!

  • Corn Chowder

  • Three Sisters Quesadillas

  • Old-Fashioned (but Vegan) Scalloped Corn

  • Elegant Succotash Gratin

  • No-Bake Corn-Pepper-Spinach Enchiladas

The download is in .pdf format with photos on a separate page. Nutritional information is provided for each recipe.

Download the Fiver here


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