I Love Potatoes!

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Americans have a love-hate relationship with potatoes. The “love” part is French fries, almost its own food group. But low-carb diets have vilified potatoes for years, and many people try their best to avoid eating potatoes. Never mind that whole societies have thrived for centuries on high-carb, high-potato diets. 

Rediscover potatoes’ taste and nutrition by using them in healthy recipes. I’ve devised five mouth-watering choices here, from appetizers to entrees.

  • Stuffed Potato Skins

  • Potato and Pea Samosas

  • Potato Chowder

  • Shepherd’s Pie 

  • Scalloped Broccoli and Potatoes

The download is in .pdf format. Nutritional information is provided for each recipe. It’s free!

Download the “I Love Potatoes!” Fiver here.

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