Filling & Delicious Breakfasts

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This free mini-cookbook contains 5 plant-based breakfast recipes, ready to be printed in .pdf format.

Filling & Delicious Breakfasts gives you 5 dishes with a super-charged combination of protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. They nourish your insides and keep you full for hours. There’s no cholesterol, and they're very low in fat.

Three of the recipes require just 10 minutes or less in the morning—Avocado-Chickpea Toast, Have-It-Your-Way Smoothie, and Overnight Chai-Flavored Hot Cereal. The Plant-Based McBreakfast and Breakfast Burritos take a bit longer, but they make enough servings to last all week.

All 5 recipes use only unprocessed, whole-food ingredients. There’s no added oil, and all can be made gluten-free.

Download your free copy here.




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