Vegan Manicotti with Spinach Ricotta

By Ordinary Vegan

Link to Vegan Manicotti with Spinach Ricotta recipe.

Vegan Manicotti with Spinach Ricotta.jpg

GV comments: This is a great way to make manicotti -- use lasagna noodles and roll them up! That's so much easier than trying to stuff filling into a wobbly wet noodle tube. The filling is made not just from tofu and spinach but lots of spices, other vegetables, and nutritional yeast as well, so it's super-flavorful. And the tomato sauce is rich and tasty, so much better than jarred sauce. This is a great dish for omnivores who like traditional stuffed manicotti but who want to try vegan food, since everything looks and tastes so much the same. 

Timing: About 90 minutes

Nutrition: Mostly whole-food unprocessed. If you skip the oil and if you use whole grain noodles, it would go to 100% whole-food unprocessed.

Gluten-free if you use gluten-free noodles.


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