Zucchini Bhaji

By Maple Spice

Link to Zucchini Bhaji recipe.

Zucchini Bhaji.jpg

GV comments: These hand-held fritters are very much like pakoras, only larger and baked. If you aren't an Indian food fan (yet), you may not know that pakoras are scrumptious deep-fried morsels of vegetables, spices, and chickpea flour offered as appetizers in almost every Indian restaurant in the U.S. I was amazed after I tried this recipe that I got the same essence and joy as from the restaurant appetizers. It helps to have tamarind or mango chutney to slather on top. These make a great meal with a curry and rice. 

Timing: About 45 minutes

Nutrition: Almost entirely whole-food, except for the coconut oil


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