Vegan Mu Shu Vegetables

By Food52

Link to Vegan Mu Shu Vegetables recipe

Vegan Mu Shu Vegetables.jpg

GV comments: I adore mu shu vegetables, although I'm never sure how to spell the name (moo shu? moo shoo?). The hoisin sauce is the critical element--that sweet, fermented, spicy (not too spicy), salty combination creates a depth that makes these truly satisfying. I remember ordering mu shu vegetables all the time in the 1990s at The Bean Curd restaurant in Chatham, NJ. They were delish, but half the enjoyment came from watching the waiter make them in front of our eyes so quickly with a spoon in each hand.

Timing: with the vegetable prep, a little over 30 minutes. If the vegetables are already prepped, then likely only around 20 minutes.

Nutrition: Mostly whole-food unprocessed (especially if you use whole grain tortillas); otherwise it's just the oil that keeps it from being 100% whole-food

Not gluten-free because the hoisin sauce may be made from regular soy sauce. 

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