Ultimate Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

By Tina from Scaling Back

Link to Ultimate Rainbow Veggie Sandwich recipe.

GV comments: The basil-almond ricotta lifts this recipe above the crowd. Its elusive flavors (basil, garlic, lemon, and more) keep you asking "What is this spread? What am I tasting? Why is it so good?" So you keep on eating, hoping to find the answer. Pretty soon you are done with the sandwich and want another one. 

The lovely pictures on the website feature white bread. I like to use multi-grain. You can, obviously, also play with the vegetables. Roasted vegetables would work well too. Adding slices of your favorite protein (baked or smoked tofu, for example) is also an option. 

Timing: Around an hour and 15 minutes, including the soaking of the almonds. 

Nutrition: All whole foods except for the 2 Tablespoons of oil (and assuming you use whole-grain bread)

Gluten-free (if you use gluten-free bread)

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