Chili Wonton Cups

By One Green Planet

Link to Chili Wonton Cups recipe.

GV comments: I haven't made the chili part of this, but the wonton cups are a revelation! They're super-easy to make. I like using mini-muffin pans instead of the standard muffin size. They are obviously perfect for appetizers, but they can also work as part of a meal. For example, you can fill them with vegetable spring roll filling and serve them with a stir-fry. For appetizers, besides chili, you could fill them with bruschetta-type fillings, Greek Lentil Salad, beans/guacamole/salsa, Mushroom Ragout or mushrooms with sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions with sauteed greens, Indian chaat-style filling, etc.

Timing (wonton cups only): about 20 minutes start to finish

Nutrition: Significant processed ingredients (refined flour)

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