Very Green Lentil Soup

By Anna Thomas on Eating Well.

Link to Very Green Lentil Soup recipe

GV comments: This is an intense soup, and people who like regular lentil soup may not appreciate the green transformation here. In my case, I love the combination of many greens and the lentils. I actually blend this soup with an immersion blender, which admittedly creates kind of a sludge look, but I don't mind. The taste is divine. Like Thomas' Basic Green Soup, the onions are caramelized before adding to the soup -- this lends a depth to the flavor that is hard to achieve otherwise. I decrease the amount of oil used with the onions to 1 Tablespoon. And, natch, I leave off the cheese garnish. 

Timing: about an hour and 10-15 minutes

Nutrition: Mostly whole-food


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