Green Goddess Garlic Dressing

By Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Link to Green Goddess Garlic Dressing recipe (on Tracy's Living Cookbook site)

GV comment: Starting a year ago, I began a quest to find more oil-free salad dressing recipes. I have tested dozens. The number of recipes I want to make over and over again? Two. This is one of them. The chives provide a mild onion flavor that blends nicely with the garlic and nutritional yeast's cheesiness. The tahini and miso provide a wonderful base. I'm going to plant chives in a pot or in a flower bed once the weather warms up so that I always have them. This recipe comes from Isa's Appetite for Reduction cookbook, which is available used at very low prices. 

Timing: 10-15 minutes

Affordability: The x factor is the chives. If you have to buy those little plastic boxes of chives, it may be over $5

Nutrition: whole-food unprocessed


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