Roasted Breakfast Potatoes

By Cookie + Kate

Link to Roasted Breakfast Potatoes recipe.

GV comments: I've found breakfast potatoes hard to get right. Too many types of dishes to choose from (hash browns? chunks? home fries?), too many approaches (pre-cook the potatoes? use grated raw potatoes? pan-fry? roast?), too many types of potatoes. This recipe keeps it simple--just tasty, perfect, oven-roasted potatoes, peppers, and onions with a little salt and garlic seasoning. You could serve this as a dinner side dish, too. Kate calls for red potatoes; I also use Yukon gold if they're on hand, and they work very well. I usually make a double batch and use the convection setting on my oven. That circulates the air well and speeds up the cooking time. 

Timing: A little over an hour, including cooking time

Nutrition: Mostly whole-food


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