Cheesy Vegan Potato and Broccoli Gratin

By Brittany at

Link to recipe here

GV comments: I couldn't believe how the whole was so much better than the sum of its parts! This has a wonderful taste and texture, akin to scalloped potatoes, but the broccoli works so well with it and the cheesy sauce. It passed the big tests: my omnivore husband and brother-in-law really love it, and, believe me, they are picky. I have used regular sized Yukon and russet potatoes, and they work fine. I've also used two cups of white sauce from my yummy Vegetable Pot Pie recipe and just added the nutritional yeast and vegan cheese, and it worked very well in this recipe. I haven't found all that many vegan casseroles that I like very well -- this is one of the exceptions, making it quite the find.

Timing: 60-120 minutes

Nutrition: Mostly whole-food



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