Clean Eating

Recommit to good food

The new year is when we make up for the indulgences of November and December. Even vegans can overdo it, with so many tempting plant-based ice creams, chocolate bars, and cheeses. A new commitment to whole-food, unprocessed dishes seems in order. But a person can’t live on raw broccoli and hummus alone.

Whole-food unprocessed ingredients

As part of my tagging system, I categorize all recipes on my site by nutritional profile. Below, I’ve listed the recipes that get full marks for using only whole-food, unprocessed ingredients, including no oil. I’m particularly proud of having tested many no-oil salad dressings, although I only found two that I consider worth of posting—tahini and green goddess.

Not even olive oil

For about a year now I’ve decreased the amount of oil I use in recipes, doing away with it altogether if possible. Some recipes call for oil to sauté chopped onions or other aromatics when starting the dish. When I use these recipes, I either water-sauté or microwave the aromatics with a little water. I don’t notice the difference in taste, and I know it’s better for me. All oil, even olive oil, is 100% fat calories, can raise your cholesterol, and can cause arterial damage. For expert conclusions about oil, see here.  

Whole-food unprocessed dishes can be incredibly delicious. I hope you’ll try some of these recipes!







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