Menu Ideas: Pesto in Main Dishes and Sandwiches

I gave a workshop on vegan pesto for NW Veg recently and made suggestions for ways to use pesto various dishes, especially appetizers, side dishes, sandwiches, and main dishes. I shared my recipes for Gracious Vegan Basil Pesto and Gracious Vegan Kale Pesto as well as two others that I will post to the site soon. Here are my suggestions for using pesto in sandwiches and main dishes.

  • Spread pesto on bread as part of a sandwich (mix with mayo, optional)

  • Use pesto as sauce for pizza

  • Toss pesto with hot pasta

  • Toss pesto with zoodles (spiralized zucchini, lightly cooked in a skillet with a little oil or water)

  • Spread pesto on broiled tofu

  • Swirl pesto into soups (like minestrone, white bean, or potato)

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